Make a regular presence at your customers' homes! Meet our extensive range of household items.
pegas de cozinhas personalizadas
avental com impressão
Type of ProductAprons, Kitchen Towels, Oven Gloves, Kitchen Cloths, Towels, Bread Bags and Baskets, Pillows, etc.
MaterialsCotton, Polyester, Nylon, etc.
CustomizationEmbroidery, printing, rubber labels, labels woven in high definition, etc.

Decorative textiles and utilities for your home

We are introducing innovative and original solutions in decorative textiles and utilities for the home of your customers. From tablecloths to oven gloves, napkins, aprons, or even bedding pillows or for example carpets, there are many options that Cottlana has for you. Always with the possibility of customization, let your customers use your brand in their daily lives!

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individuais personalizados
aventais personalizados
avental pano pegas de cozinha personalizada
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R. Antão Gonçalves Nº 89 R/C-C – Torre Branca
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Cottlana is a company specialized in the promotional textile sector with a strong presence in the European business market.

 R. Antão Gonçalves Nº 89 R/C-C – Torre Branca – 2750-152 Cascais-Portugal

 +351 214 676 737


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