Clothing and uniforms

Your employees are the main asset of your brand. Promote team spirit with uniforms!
Pólos Bordados e Tshirts personalizadas
camisa personalizada
Type of ProductT-shirts, polos, ties, coats, shirts, trousers, skirts, uniforms, gowns, jumpsuits, hospital pajamas, etc.
MaterialsCotton, Polyester, Elastane, Silk, etc.
CustomizationEmbroidery, printing, rubber labels, labels woven in high definition, etc.

Uniformize your team

We have a wide variety of uniforms and clothing for many professions. Clothing for Hospitality, Industry, Retail, Restoration, School uniforms, gowns for Clinics and Hospitals, or even safety footwear and hand protection, there are several sectors of activity for whom we have already developed custom clothing and uniforms.

Talk to us and share your needs! The durability and quality of our textiles are one of the great reasons why Cottlana has been a reference in the market.

calças de ganga personalizadas
Fardas e Uniformes personalizados
camisa calça personalizada
camisa personalizada
farda de cozinheiro personalizada
bata personalizada
fardas promocionais personalizadas
casaco personalizado com logótipo
fardas promocionais personalizadas
fardas escolares
bata hospital promocional
calças de ganga personalizadas
casaco personalizado com logótipo

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Cottlana is a company specialized in the promotional textile sector with a strong presence in the European business market.

 R. Antão Gonçalves Nº 89 R/C-C – Torre Branca – 2750-152 Cascais-Portugal

 +351 214 676 737

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